Embedded Lending API

Launch your own lending product or platform right from onboarding, disbursement, to repayments within weeks using our simple-to-use APIs!

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How Lending API

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    #1 Onboard Customers With Ease

    Onboard customers seamlessly using KYC APIs. Extract information from key identity documents and verify them from public repositories like UIDAI & CKYC via your app or WhatsApp.

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    #2 Evaluate Risk With Underwriting

    Assess the creditworthiness of your customers with the Credit Bureau Lending API module. Fetch GST returns and E-way bills from GSTIN to assess customers’ financials with just 2 clicks.

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    #3 Facilitate Swift Disbursement

    Disburse loans easily to customers using Accounts module & Payments APIs. Reduce fraud instances by validating bank accounts via Penny Drop APIs and UPI handles via Validate VPA. Reconcile disbursements seamlessly, and in real-time.

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    #4 Automate Repayments

    Streamline your collections using ENACH or UPI Auto-pay recurring mandates- minus repeated reminder hassles. Use UPI payment links or virtual bank accounts for collections within your app. Leverage API Setu’s conversational banking & social media payments! .

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    #5 Issue Cards & PPIs

    Issue unsecured or secured credit lines on prepaid cards and control to whom disbursements are made via physical or virtual cards including UPI payments. Earn additional interchange revenue on every spend through the card.

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