KYC & Onboarding

Enable your consumers or partner businesses to onboard & register themselves seamlessly via any method.

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How Onboarding API

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    #1 Authenticate User & Uploaded Documents

    Enable your consumers or partner businesses to upload ID documents such as Aadhaar Card, PAN, Driver’s License, and more, right on your app or website.

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    #2 Scan Documents With Ease

    Extract the text out of the documents using our state-of-the-art OCR processing and scan it easily with our KYC APIs.

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    #3 Accept ID Numbers

    Enable your customers or partner businesses to enter their ID numbers (like PAN/Aadhaar/VoterID) directly in place of the document itself.

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    #4 Verify Background Instantly

    Match details from the Govt database with the information provided by the consumer or your partner business. .

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    #5 Run Multiple Checks With One KYC API

    We will work our magic to extract the authentic background details linked to that ID from the respective national databases.

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